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Arthur Ruiz is a Residential Solar Designer at Artisan Electric Inc.

A member of the national honors society Alpha Beta Kappa, Arthur has nearly completed his Associate’s Degree in Clean Energy at Shoreline Community College.

“I started in Hazmat containment, I worked hard for my associates in drafting and design, and I am certified in composites. When I used to work with composites, and fiberglass in aerospace, every day I went into work I just didn’t feel right knowing how destructive my work was to the planet. When I got a chance to change careers. I did! I am ready for the future and the work it will take to get us all there. We can do it, sometimes it really doesn’t matter how hard you pushed along the way, it’s having something left in you to finish.”

“I have been married eleven years to the love of my life. I can’t hope for a better partner. I love baseball, playing Halo, cycling and taking care of my three cats.”