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Different by design.


From planning to installation and beyond, the entire Artisan process guarantees our customers unparalleled quality, support and peace of mind. One on-site consultation and you’ll understand why customers throughout the region choose the Artisan team.


Artisan’s solar installers are committed to the highest standard of work. Our team of licensed union electricians consults with electrical inspectors and local utility companies to ensure our photovoltaic system installations are built safely, built to code and built to last.

Artisan monitors the industry for the most recent developments in solar PV technology, and we share that expertise with you as we work together to design and install a system for your home or business.

Every system we install is fully warrantied for five years, and the products we use carry manufacturer’s warranties ranging up to 25 years. Artisan also provides free system check-ups and continued support to make sure you continue to get the most out of your solar system.


Artisan designs around your budget and your long-term financial goals. We make solar power as affordable as possible by helping you apply for financing and for state and federal incentives and subsidies. Artisan can explain how solar power increases the value of your home or business, as well as the savings you can look forward to on your electric bill.


My name is Evan Leonard and I’m Vice-President of Artisan Electric and today I’m going to talk about the process of going solar with Artisan. When you first contact Artisan we’ll ask for some basic information that we use to create your preliminary proposal. So, when we come out to do a site assessment, we’ll come out with that proposal and go through it with you step-by-step.


The preliminary proposal models different system types for you and goes through the module type, pricing, kilowatt hour production, general payback and we also go through in detail the incentives that are available to you in Washington State. Also, while on site, we’ll look at your sun access. We’ll take measurements on your roof. We’ll look at your electrical system and look at your usage and we’ll take that information and email you an adjusted proposal that looks very similar to the preliminary proposal, it’s just with adjusted numbers. So, when you decide upon a system, we’ll send you a contract and the contract will go through the price, the scope of work, the estimated installation date and it also goes into detail about our 5-year production guarantee.


Usually, installation takes two to three days depending upon the size of the system and the difficulty. Once we’re done, we’ll go through all the paperwork with you and make sure everything is finalized. We’ll get you through inspection and then we’ll schedule an exit interview. Myself or one of my colleagues will come out and walk you through the system. We’ll walk you through how the system works. We’ll look at your monitoring system. We’ll answer any questions you might have.


Artisan has some of the best follow-up in the industry. We’ll schedule a one-year check-up where we come out with your actual production for the last year and we’ll measure it against what our predictions were and see how you did. If you didn’t hit the numbers we said you’d hit, we actually pay you the difference in both net metering and in the production incentive, so you can’t lose.


Our helpful team is at your side every step of the way to answer any questions you may have about your new solar installation. We keep the entire process easy and hassle-free by maintaining close communication and working around your schedule and needs.

Artisan’s superior customer support extends well beyond the completion of your installation. Our team will sit down with you to explain the features of your user-friendly system and will help you understand how to get the maximum benefit out of your investment.

Artisan will also facilitate all of the paperwork necessary to interconnect with your utility and to make sure you receive all the incentives and subsidies for which you are eligible.

From start to finish, Artisan delivers a on a promise of exceptional service and complete customer satisfaction.

Artisan makes solar simpler, every step of the way.

A smarter energy solution is closer than you think. Take the first step today.

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