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Dear Solar Supporter,

Your hard work has paid off: no one thought the Solar Jobs Bill could come so far.

We just heard that Olympia is very close to its grand budget bargain. We think the Solar Jobs Bill is in it, but we can’t yet count on it.

This is our last chance. Can you bring us over the finish line?


  1. Call the Legislative Switchboard again during business hours: 1.800.562.6000
  2. Find your legislators’ names with the District Finder tool here, and then email them all again with this convention:
  3. From there, leave a message again at their listed office numbers over the weekend.
  4. Tag them again on social media.

The message is simple: “Pass the Solar Jobs Bill (SB 5939 / HB 1048) now.”

Please don’t let 2 minutes’ time hold you back from this most important moment. You’ve likely called and emailed so many times already. Thank you.

This is the last chance to do it all again.

Reply here if you need help finding your legislators’ unique contact information.

Let me know when you’ve contacted Olympia, and thank you for everything you’ve done to get us to this amazing moment.

Let’s win this thing once and for all.

Bonnie Frye Hemphill

Campaign Director, WA Solar Jobs Bill

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