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Artisan is one of the region’s largest and most respected solar contractors.


At Artisan Electric, we believe that clean and efficient energy should be easy, accessible, and beautiful—and we turn that potential into reality for our customers.

Since 2007, we have helped shape the Puget Sound’s energy future by educating communities, simplifying processes, and creating solar energy solutions that are both practical and elegant.

Having installed over 4 MW of solar power, Artisan is one of the largest and most respected solar contractors in the region. We are proud to set industry standards for quality, design, and customer service.

Bringing our integrated approach and signature craftsmanship to every project, we show Puget Sound homeowners and businesses that clean energy is a smart investment and a great fit for their needs and aspirations.

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Bright ways to pay for solar.


In spite of all of the factors that make solar an attractive and smart investment, for many people, it would not be possible without bank financing.

The great news is that:

  • You can finance your solar project 100%,
  • You can refinance at no charge once you have paid down the loan using your investment tax credit,
  • Your loan payment can be offset by your solar production.

About 75% of our customers finance their systems through Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union (PSCCU), a local credit union partnered with Artisan Electric, and we can help with that process. We get consistently great feedback about PSCCU’s customer service. Their green loan programs help you implement solar, while giving back to the community and keeping our dollars here in Washington State.

PSCCU’s Energy-Smart Loans program offers loans specifically for conservation or solar investments.

For example PSCCU’s SustainableSolar Program the rates are:

3.50% for 10-years

3.74% for 15-years

4.49% for 20-years

PSCCU’s other interest rates can be as low as 4.25%; the terms can be up to 15 years or 180 months. The maximum loan is capped at $50,000.

You can choose the duration of the loan (up to 20 years). There is no early payoff penalty, and you can renegotiate the terms once at no charge. When you get your federal tax credit, you can use it to pay down the loan almost immediately and refinance.

The solar panels are the loan collateral, so it is not a home equity loan.

When you finance the system cost, you can choose a term that creates a monthly payment matched by your energy savings and your production incentive. To reduce interest, you can choose the shortest possible term that creates a monthly payment comparable to your energy savings plus incentive.

After you receive your 30% federal income tax credit for your system (in the first tax year following your installation), you can refinance the loan at no charge. This will reduce the balance of your loan by 30%, and amortize the remainder over a new time period. Once again, you can amortize so that the monthly payment is closely offset by your savings and incentives.

This example shows how residential solar financing combined with incentives and energy bill offsets allows you to go solar with very little out-of-pocket expense.


Your bank or the lenders below might provide your residential solar financing through a loan or home equity credit.

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Request a free residential solar site assessment today! We provide the solar energy system cost and energy production estimates you need during the bank financing process.

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