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Many people are surprised to learn that Washington’s climate is ideal for solar energy production.

Washington’s long spring and summer days— providing hours of sunlight without excessively high temperatures—create perfect conditions for solar. Solar panels operate more efficiently in cooler weather, and produce more power here in the summer than in southern California!

During the cloudy winter months, solar modules keep working- they don’t require blue skies to create ample power. The sun’s energy is producing electricity whether we see it or not. Although we get the most sun when we need power the least—in the summer—in Washington this works to your advantage.

Net metering is an agreement with the local utility that allows excess energy you produce (when your solar power system makes more than the household uses) to feed back into the grid. Excess energy is credited to your account, and you can use those credits when you’re not producing as much as you need. For more on net metering, see Incentives and Financial Benefits.

Most solar power systems installed in our region are also self-cleaning. Frequent rain clears the tempered glass of dust and debris, supporting increased production over time. Smart design using quality products can capitalize on our existing advantages, further maximizing production.

Our biggest hurdle is not lack of sun; it’s education and political will. But we have a strong foundation—Washington State has a pro-solar governor and one of the best incentive programs in the country. Are you and your home ready for solar energy?

A smarter energy solution is closer than you think. Take the first step today.