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There’s a reason we consider our customers family. As a small, local business, we are first and foremost run by creating and maintaining strong relationships with the people we do business with.

Many new customers we receive have been referred to us by previous customers. For Artisan Electric, reputation is everything and referrals prove it.

We’ve created a strong incentive program to thank our referring customers for their help. 

Customer Referrals Are Simple!

For each new customer someone refers, they receive a check for $500.

Here are a few details:

  1. The referrer must be a past customer of Artisan Electric.
  2. The system must first be installed for the referrer to receive the money.
  3. Customers can refer (and receive $500) an unlimited number of times! We have customers who refer so many customers that their solar systems are almost entirely paid for just by referral rebates alone.

How To Refer New Customers To Artisan Electric

If you’re a past customer, talk to friends, family, and colleagues who might be interested in going solar. Then fill out the form (button below), providing their contact information, and that’s it!

We’ll handle it from there.

Artisan Electric Inc's Referral Rebate - How It Works
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