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Clean Energy is Smart Business.


As our region’s top experts in commercial solar design and installation, we use our leadership to leverage yours — as a business on the cutting edge of a clean energy revolution.

Artisan is sought after as the Puget Sound’s premier solar partner by individual business owners — as well as by builders, architects, and other contractors. Here’s why, and what we can do for you.

Why businesses turn to us for commercial solar energy

Artisan offers ease and expertise from start to finish — from the site assessment and proposal to design, installation, and followup service and support.

We are experts in commercial solar design and installation. Commercial solar installation requires specialized design expertise and a thorough understanding of complex building codes. These proficiencies are enhanced by our constant quest for innovation and improvement.

Artisan founder Jason Williams has been a commercial electrician since 2007. Our company was actually founded on his passion for bringing energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to business.

In addition, we are the only solar contractor in Puget Sound whose entire team consists of professionally trained and licensed journeyman electricians and apprentices. Union support is very important to most of our commercial customers—as it is to us.

Our performance and workmanship guarantees are the best in the industry, and our robust safety program and practices have allowed us to maintain an exemplary safety record with Labor and Industries.

We combine the latest developments in global solar technology with local sourcing to develop a solution that brings you the best of both worlds.

How we can help you solarize your business

We work with individual business owners to install solar on their buildings. We also partner with architects, builders, and other contractors to ensure that buildings are developed efficiently from the ground up with solar in mind.

We help business owners take advantage of the changing energy landscape to establish energy stability and independence, revenue, and a competitive edge as innovative leaders.

Artisan provides business energy solutions that:

  • Offer an impressive return on investment — as high as 65%.
  • Hedge against the rising cost of electricity, which is estimated to increase by 30% over the next five years.
  • Prepare you now for the use of future storage technologies—keeping you one step ahead of the competition.
  • Enhance your company’s image by demonstrating a sincere commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • Take care of everything as a turnkey operation: design, plan drafting, permitting and engineering.

We create efficient, attractive installations that add value to your business and assets to your bottom line—while producing clean energy for decades to come.

We encourage commercial customers to contact us at the earliest stage of the design process. The earlier we get involved, the more likely we can help prevent time-consuming and costly mistakes at the outset.

There are many considerations to account for when planning and designing a building. We cover these important considerations in a special content series designed to help builders and architects learn about options and requirements.


If you’re a business looking to go solar, the federal government offers an accelerated depreciation program as an additional incentive to make solar more affordable. The Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS) allows a commercial owner of solar to depreciate 85% of the total system cost over 5 years.

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