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Congratulations on joining the growing number of people driving an electric vehicle!

When you’re ready to install your EV charger or upgrade into a faster charger, give Artisan Electric a call. Our fully-licensed, bonded and insured Electricians are ready to help you get your EV charging station installed professionally.

Whether it’s an EV charging station for your home, workplace or public setting, Artisan Electric can handle the job!

These are some of the brands of electric vehicle chargers we’ve already installed:


Here are some of the electric vehicle manufacturers:


Charging Times

Charging times vary by the type of Charging Station and the vehicles on-board charger. These charge times are approximate.*


(6.6kW On-Board Charger) E.G. Nissan Leaf, BMW I3, Fiat 500e, Ford Focus EV


(3.3kW On-Board Charger) E.G. Chevy Volt, Ford Fusion Or CMAX Energi, Volvo XC90 T8

Level 1

120 V 1.4kW

4.5 miles of range/hour

4.5 miles of range/hour

Level 2

240 V 3.3kW

12 miles of range/hour

12 miles of range/hour

Level 2

240 V 6.6kW

26 miles of range/hour

12 miles of range/hour

Level 3

DC Fast Charger

40 miles every 10 mins**
















*Charge times can vary based on vehicle and/or environmental conditions.

** DC Fast Charging requires CHAdeMO fast charge port not available in all models.

Here’s a couple of electric vehicle resource sites – PlugIn America and EVObsession,  and you can always count on getting feedback from the group members in the Seattle Nissan LEAF Facebook and Seattle Electric Vehicle Associations Facebook pages.

Last Modified: May 1, 2017

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