High-efficiency Solar Panels: LG Solar NeON

Have a smaller roof or a roof that experiences some shading? Consider high-efficiency solar panels, such as LG Solar’s NeON. High-efficiency solar panels produce more energy than lower-energy modules of the same size. This means 60-cell high-efficiency panels can produce as much energy as some lower efficiency panels with 72 cells.

Efficiency Means More Peak Performance Hours, Every Day

While high-efficiency panels produce more than their standard counterparts when the sun is highest in the sky, they also provide so much more than that. They offer a longer peak period than their counterparts and produce more energy when the sun is not at its peak.

High-efficiency panels will also produce more energy in sub-optimal weather conditions, such as rain, snow or cloud cover. They are able to generate more power, more of the time.

LG NeON Solar Performance

Here are some advantages of high-efficiency solar panels that make them a great choice in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

  • Lower efficiency panels must be larger in size to generate the same amount of power as high-efficiency panels
  • Smaller, high-efficiency panels are well suited to the smaller roof spaces available on most urban homes
  • High-efficiency panels offer more flexibility in array design when partial shading is involved
  • You may need fewer panels to generate the power you require, saving money on your installation
  • Using smaller panels can leave room for future array expansion

Efficient Solar Panels Help You Maximize Your Roof’s Potential

In many cases available, unshaded roof space is the limiting factor for the size of the system you can install. In this case, efficiency is critical to determining the total output a system can generate. Efficient panels generate more energy in less space.

Solar Panel Efficiency is Improving

Back around 2012, the most efficient panel on the market was able to capture 17.8 percent of the energy available to it. Today, the standard panel has around 18.6 percent efficiency, while the LG NeON® R offers more than 20 percent efficiency. The high-efficiency panel can generate almost 20 percent more energy than the conventional panel. LG Solar’s NeON 2 panels are rated at 19.6% – 19.8% efficiency, and LG’s premium NeON R panels have 21.1% – 21.4% efficiency ratings.

LG NeON Solar Panel Advantages

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