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Solar and the Environment



Worried about climate change? Then solar is a great way to get proactive and be a real part of the solution.

Solar systems produce 100% renewable energy from the sun, with no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. They help you meet your energy needs without contributing to the problem.

A typical 5kw solar system produces up to 5,000kWh per year. You would need five tons of coal to produce the same amount of electricity. Burning five tons of coal releases 15,000 pounds of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.

Over the life of the system, therefore, you would be offsetting the equivalent of 150 tons of coal burned, and 450,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.


Solar is virtually maintenance-free, can last up to 50 years, and make use of an otherwise unused space on your home or business. These systems create a legacy we can pass on to our children. When solar panels are used up, they can be reused to make new solar panels, closing the loop.

Not only is the sun virtually an unlimited energy source—the panels themselves are primarily made of silicon. Silicon is the second most plentiful element on Earth (oxygen is the first), and is most commonly found in the form of sand.

Plus, the panels Artisan uses come from the Pacific Northwest, so very little energy is expended getting them to you. And solar produces sustainable jobs, sustainable culture, and sustainable fuel.


Our power is almost exclusively generated in large central power plants in Eastern Washington, then shipped over long distances through large high-voltage power lines. Not all of the power makes it to your home; up to 15% of it is wasted in transmission.

While centralized power lets us take advantage of hydroelectric dams (which present their own environmental issues), a large percentage of our power also comes from coal, gas and nuclear power.

What’s the solution? Local, democratic power. With solar, the power is being produced just a few feet away from where it is going to be used, so it’s by far the most efficient way to produce electricity. While solar homes are still connected to the grid, they use the grid to distribute local, renewable energy.


Generating your own power at home using solar energy makes you a part of the solution. Installing a solar system will help preserve the earth’s finite fossil-fuel resources, reduce air pollution, and create resilience, efficiency, and dependability in the grid.

Our homes, our businesses, our cars and trucks consume a great deal of energy. What if you ran your appliances with solar? What if you heated your home and fueled your car with solar? All of this and more is possible, and surprisingly easy to do. Solar can replace your electric bill, your gas bill, and even your gasoline bill. Electricity is just the start.

Find out how to become part of the solution. Get a free, informative site evaluation.


In 2015, Shell Oil brought an oil drilling rig, (the Polar Pioneer) to Seattle to have it repaired and then sent up to the Chukchi Sea to do exploratory drilling for oil. Environmentalists were extremely concerned about the damage the oil rig could inflict in the Arctic and protested the presence of the Polar Pioneer in Seattle’s Elliott Bay by organizing the worlds largest kayak protest.

Artisan Electric assisted and joined the protesters and we built a solar PV array to power the Solar Pioneer, a barge that hosted environmental activists and activities during the month-long protest.

A smarter energy solution is closer than you think. Take the first step today.

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