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7.7 kW Solar Installation on a Curved Metal Roof in Seattle

7.7 kW Solar Installation on a Curved Metal Roof in Seattle

7.7 kw REC Solar Panel Installation on A Curved Metal Roof in Seattle, WA.

Artisan Electric Inc. is proud to have recently completed this very unique solar installation in Seattle! Our team worked tirelessly to design and install a 7.7 kW solar PV system using 19 REC panels and 19 Enphase IQ8+ inverters on a curved standing seam metal roof with IronRidge racking. This project presented a unique challenge due to the complex design of the residence, which even resulted in the customer being turned away by other solar contractors! However, our solar designers were up to the task, and we were able to provide the customer with a beautiful and effective solar solution that met their energy needs.

The unique design of this residence in Seattle meant that our team had to take a different approach to the solar installation. The curved standing seam metal roof required special racking and mounting, and we had to carefully consider the number and placement of the panels to ensure that they would meet the customer’s energy needs while complementing the aesthetic of the home. Our solar designers were able to create a customized plan that met all of the customer’s requirements, and our installation team executed the plan flawlessly.

One of the standout features of this solar installation is the use of Enphase IQ8+ inverters. These inverters are the latest in solar technology, and they offer unmatched flexibility and efficiency compared to traditional string inverters. By using individual microinverters on each panel, the system is able to optimize energy production and ensure that each panel is performing at its maximum capacity. The IQ8+ inverters are also designed to be compatible with battery storage systems, which means that the customer can easily add a battery backup to their solar installation in the future.

Another important aspect of this solar installation was choosing the right solar panels for the job. We opted for 405W REC panels, which are known for their high efficiency and excellent performance in both regular and low-light conditions. The shape of this roof limited the number of panels we were able to install, so efficiency was a very important consideration. The panels are also backed by a strong warranty, which gives the customer peace of mind knowing that they’ve made a smart investment in their home’s energy future.

Overall, this solar installation in Seattle was a challenging but highly rewarding project for Artisan Electric Inc. We were able to provide the customer with a customized solar solution that met all of their energy needs, while also enhancing the visual appeal of their home. By using the latest solar technology and top-quality materials, we were able to create a sustainable energy system that will provide consistent and reliable energy for many years to come.

At Artisan Electric Inc., we take pride in working closely with our customers to design and install customized solar solutions that meet their specific needs. This solar installation in Seattle was a prime example of our commitment to excellence, as our team overcame a challenging design to create a beautiful and highly functional solar system. We’re thrilled to have been able to help this customer offset their energy needs with solar power!

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