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IronRidge Makes Solar Stronger.

IronRidge, an Esdec company, designs and manufactures structural hardware for residential and commercial solar systems. For over 20 years, IronRidge has worked closely with solar professionals to build strong, simple, and cost-effective products. IronRidge is NSF® Certified to ISO 9001, maintaining the highest of quality management standards.

Ground Mount

The IronRidge Ground Mount System combines their XR1000 rails with locally-sourced steel pipes or mechanical tubing, to create a cost-effective structure capable of handling any site or terrain challenge. Installation requires no drilling, welding, or heavy machinery required. In addition, the system works with a variety of foundation options, including concrete piers and driven piles. Compatible with soil classes 2-4.

Ballasted Systems

The BX Ballasted system is uniquely shaped for flat roofs. IronRidge BX delivers superior power density and design flexibility to flat roof solar arrays. Made of a glass reinforced composite, the BX Chassis is engineered for extreme structural loading, yet is also shaped to be roof-friendly and easy to install.

Tilt Mount

For flat roofs, IronRidge Tilt Mount supports a wide range of solar panel tilting angles, while also resisting the extreme wind and snow forces experienced over a building’s lifetime. The Tilt Mount System is listed to UL 2703, and compatible with most roof anchor products. Every component in the system is made with aluminum and stainless steel to ensure complete corrosion resistance.

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