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A Smart Home Investment

SolarEdge Energy Hub + SolarEdge Energy Bank

Get more from your smart living experience with the market’s most efficient home solar & battery platform:

  • Run on more clean energy and rely less on the grid with industry-leading 94.5% round-trip efficiency
  • Avoid high utility charges by running your home on energy stored in your battery during peak demand hours
  • Increase your solar production, savings, and energy independence by adding multiple batteries
  • Get paid to save the day—battery incentives across the country like SGIP in California can help you earn cash back for supporting a cleaner grid

More Power When You Need It Most

Life continues with a record-setting, 94.5% battery roundtrip efficiency:

  • Power more large appliances for longer periods of time in an outage, thanks to our superior, DC-coupled technology – including air conditioners, washers & dryers, pool pumps, and more
  • Add multiple SolarEdge Energy Banks for even more power and extended whole home backup—use our Storage Estimator below to determine your backup needs
  • Relax with Weather Guard, our mySolarEdge app feature that sends alerts and automatically charges your battery before the storm hits. Learn more
  • Stay in control with the handheld ability to adjust battery reserve levels in real-time, anytime. Learn how

Keep a Grip on Your Energy

Use the mySolarEdge app to know more and do more with your SolaEdge Energy Bank battery and the SolarEdge Energy Hub platform:

  • Decide how much clean energy to store in your battery, use, or share with your utility for credits
  • Keep bills down by getting to know your usage through real-time energy insight
  • Fuel up your electric vehicle fast with our Level 2 Smart EV Charger and drive on sunshine
  • Manage a growing line of SolarEdge smart products that easily connect to Energy Hub, such as smart hot water controllers, relays & sockets, coming soon
New SolarEdge Energy Bank Battery Revealed

A smarter energy solution is closer than you think. Take the first step today.