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Tesla Powerwall+ and Tesla Powerwall

Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery system that is installed with solar. A Powerwall system can be composed of up to 10 Powerwalls, including a combination of Powerwall+ and traditional Powerwalls. A Powerwall+ contains additional features focusing on solar integration that enable cleaner installations with less equipment.

Integrated revenue-grade energy metering can help you accurately monitor your solar production and home energy consumption for precise, real-time insight to your home energy, claim credit for clean energy incentives and be ready to join future virtual power plants. Powerwall+ is able to intelligently power heavy equipment, and direct solar integration improves solar recharging during power outages, resulting in a better off-grid experience than ever before.

  Powerwall 2 Powerwall+
ON-GRID POWER 5.8kVA continuous 7.6kVA / 5.8kVA continuous*

5.8kW continuous
10kW peak

9.6kW / 7kW continuous*
22kW / 10kW peak*

BACKUP LOAD START CAPABILITY 88A LRA for each Powerwall 98A LRA for each Powerwall+
STORAGE CAPACITY 13.5kWh† 13.5kWh†
SOLAR INTEGRATION Compatible with all grid-tied solar inverters Integrated solar with 4 MPPTs
COMMUNICATION Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cellular LTE/4G with Gateway 2 Integrated Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cellular LTE/4G
MONITORING Home loads, battery, revenue accuracy (+/- 2%) with Gateway 2 for solar Home loads, battery, revenue grade (+/- 0.5%) for solar
GRID DISCONNECT Compatible with Gateway 2 and Backup Switch Compatible with Gateway 2 and Backup Switch
BACKUP PERFORMANCE Seamless backup transition Seamless backup transition with enhanced off-grid performance

What Can Powerwall Back Up?

Powerwall lighting home during a storm

Powerwall is now designed for whole home backup. With whole home backup, your Powerwall system can support your entire home with backup power during an outage. This includes 120V loads such as lights, plugs and small appliances as well as 240V heavy loads such as air conditioners, electric cooking ranges, well pumps, EV charging, electric dryers, electric water heaters and pool pumps.

How much your Powerwall system can back up and for how long is dependent on multiple factors such as the number of Powerwalls and appliances you have and your home’s energy usage. The following restrictions are provided as general guidelines and are not guarantees specific to any individual home.

Check Large Appliance Compatibility with Powerwall

Refer to the information below to determine if your appliances are compatible with the number of Powerwalls you have selected. If you choose to proceed with incompatible appliances, your system will be installed for whole home backup, but your Powerwall may be unable to provide backup power until you turn the appliances off during an outage. To avoid this, you can add additional Powerwalls or upgrade your appliance to more energy efficient versions.

Other typical large appliances, such as air handlers and electric ovens, are expected to be backed up in a normal Powerwall system.

Electric Heating and Cooling (Water and Air)

For compressor-based equipment, check both the Locked Rotor Amp rating (LRA) and the Running Load Amp rating (RLA), which can be found on the nameplate of your equipment. If the LRA is blank, labeled with ‘N/A’ or is equal to or less than the Running Load Amps (RLA), your equipment is variable speed. This means the LRA should be compatible with a single Powerwall.

HVAC nameplate label

Resistive-based Equipment

Resistive-based equipment includes tank water heaters, electric tankless water heaters, etc.

5.5kW 1 Powerwall
11kW 2 Powerwalls

Compressor-based Equipment

Compressor-based equipment includes air conditioners, heat pumps, etc.

≤98A LRA or ≤22A RLA 1 Powerwall
>98A LRA or ≤32A RLA 2 Powerwalls

These recommendations assume only one heating or cooling device is operational at a time. If multiple devices will be running at the same time, add their power consumption together. For compressor-based equipment, it is unlikely two units will start at the exact same time. Based on this assumption, the LRA of the larger unit can be added to the RLA of the concurrent unit. For larger units, contact your Project Advisor.

Compatible Well Pumps

1 HP or 20A 1 Powerwall
2 HP or 30A 2 Powerwalls
Site-specific review needed to assess engine power or breaker size 3+ Powerwalls

Electric Vehicle Charging

Tesla vehicle charging (Wall Connector or Tesla Mobile Connector) 1 Powerwall
Other Level 1 EV charging 1 Powerwall
Other Level 2 EV charging 2 Powerwalls

Learn more about how Powerwall coordinates with Tesla vehicles for enhanced vehicle charging during power outages, enabling Tesla charging compatibility with a single Powerwall.

Services Greater than 200 A

A service that is greater than 200 A can be backed up using one of two methods. If possible, our installation crews will perform a partial home backup, splitting the home’s electrical service into two distinct systems and backing up just one of them. For whole home backup, we will split the service into two systems and install a Backup Gateway and Powerwall(s) for each system (see diagram below, depicting a 400 A service split into two 200 A systems). If the service cannot be split into two systems, then one Backup Gateway will be used to back up as much of your home’s service as possible, up to a 200 A limit, and considering site-specific installation complexities.

Powerwall split-service diagram

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