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eGauge reboot:

The first thing to do would be to see if your homeplug (pictured below) has any blinking lights on it. Even if it’s not an Actiontec (the brand below), it should have some blinking lights and if any are blinking then it’s working. If no lights are blinking, then it’s dead and we’ll get you a new one and that should take care of it.

(The homeplug needs to be plugged directly into a wall outlet, so no powerstrips.)

If there are some blinking lights, then the next troubleshooting step would be to re-boot all 3 components involved. 1) Unplug the homeplug; 2) unplug/turn-off your internet modem and 3) flip the eGauge breaker (should be labeled in your electrical panel) off. Once they’re all off, wait a minute or two and turn them all back on. That should re-sync them and allow the devices to communicate.

Let us know if the reboot doesn’t work, if your homeplug is dead and/or if you have other questions.

Last Modified: April 26, 2017

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