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(Seattle City Light updated it’s account #’s in September 2016 so be sure to enter your current account #’s when submitting your application.)



Dear City Light Renewable Energy Customer,

We wanted to congratulate and thank you for playing a key role in building a sustainable energy future for the pacific northwest region, as we wrap up the 2017 production incentive year. Since the first solar arrays were connected to Seattle City Light in 2000, you and almost 4000 of your neighbors in the Seattle area have installed almost 18 Megawatts of renewable energy systems. System size now averages 6.3kW.

And now it’s time to reap the rewards. The good news is that total pool of incentives available to City Light customers is $4.1M, up from $3.8M last year. In addition, City Light is providing a platform for customers to apply for their annual renewable energy production incentive payment online. Applications for the 2017 incentive year must be submitted between June 30th and August 1st, 2017.
New Online Applications
Simplified application process:
Customers have asked for an online process to submit their annual incentive payment applications and in response, you can now apply online for the 2017 production year. You can report your reads and complete, sign and submit your annual applications.  Online applications will allow for digital signatures and immediate confirmation. It’s that easy!
 To complete your online application, you will need:
  • Most recent City Light billing statement
  • Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery Certification approval letter issued by the Department of Revenue or your 2016 annual incentive application.
  • June 30th production meter read and meter number
  • June 30th inverter read (first-year applicants only)
Customers who are applying for an incentive credit for the first time need to confirm that the City Light eligibility requirements are met prior to August 1st.
Answers to the most anticipated questions have been provided in Incentive Payment Frequently Asked Questions.
Applications will be available online the last week of June and may be submitted between June 30th and August 1st.
If you are not able to submit an application online, you may call us at 206-684-5516 to request a paper application be mailed to you.
Reading Your Production Meter
To complete your application, you’ll need to record your June 30th production meter read.  First-time applicants will also need an inverter read. Here’s a video tutorial.
Mechanical Meters:
The dials on a mechanical meter are like watch faces in a row (every other dial moves counterclockwise).  Notice that when the pointer is between two numbers, record the lower of the two numbers.
Digital Meters:
Most digital meters display the kilowatt-hours consumed, followed by a “segment check”, which is a series of “8”s that show that the display is working correctly.  In the display below, the read is 2439.
Inverter Read:
First-time customers will need to submit their inverter read in addition to their June 30th production meter read. The inverter read will need to be entered in to the annual incentive application to receive credit for the period between the time the final electric inspection was passed and the City Light production meter was installed. Your user manual and your electrical installer are both good sources of information on reading your inverter. Here is a video tutorial.
2017 Proportional Reductions

Last year, City Light customer generation surpassed the incentive cap allowed by the state per WAC 458-200-273 in 2016. As a result, incentive payments will be proportionally reduced. The total pool of funds for renewable energy incentive payments is estimated to be $4.1 Million, which is up from last year’s $3.8 Million. The final reduction won’t be determined until all applications have been approved in September. Given the increased funding and lower production, we estimate that the 2017 reduction may be lower than the 27.5 percent reduction in 2016.


Solar Incentive Cap and Frequently Asked Questions

Page updated June 23, 2017

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