20 kW Silfab Solar PV System in Puyallup, WA with Solar Expert Jeff Bennett
20 kW Silfab Solar PV System in Puyallup, WA with Solar Expert Jeff Bennett

Make the Smart Switch to Solar Energy with Artisan Electric Inc.

Are you thinking about switching to solar energy? It’s a smart and eco-friendly choice that can lead to long-term savings on your energy bills. At Artisan Electric Inc., our team of solar experts is here to guide you through the process. And who better to share their experience than one of our own customers turned staff, Jeff Bennett?

Jeff recently installed a 20 kW Silfab 410 solar PV system at his new home in Puyallup, WA. In a video testimonial, he shares his journey with Artisan Electric as both a customer and an employee. Get an in-depth look at his impressive solar project and see how going solar has transformed his life.

What sets Artisan Electric apart from other solar companies? It’s our reputation for quality work and personalized customer service. Jeff chose us after researching various options in his area, and he couldn’t be happier with his decision. In fact, he was so pleased with his first installation that he joined our team full-time.

When it came to selecting the components for his latest solar system, Jeff went with Silfab solar panels. Known for their superior performance and durability, they also have a low carbon footprint. With 51 panels on his roof, Jeff’s system provides clean energy for his family’s home, completely offsetting their energy needs. It even charges his 2021 Tesla Model Y EV. Plus, the high-end Enphase microinverters and monitoring system ensure optimal efficiency.

What’s also great about Silfab panels is that they are locally made in Bellingham, Washington. This means they’re quick and easy to transport to the Seattle area, and their purchase supports the local economy.

One of the major benefits Jeff has experienced with his solar system is the significant reduction in his energy bills. Since going solar, their monthly energy bills have practically disappeared, leading to substantial savings. Not only that, but Jeff is also proud of the positive impact his solar system has on the environment and his community.

If you’re considering a solar installation, Artisan Electric Inc. is the top-rated company to trust. We provide personalized customer service and high-quality solar solutions that exceed expectations. Don’t wait any longer. Make the smart choice for your home and go green with Artisan Electric Inc. today!

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