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Artisan Electric is a socially and environmentally progressive company with a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination based on age, race, gender, or sexual orientation. We’re proud of the company we’ve created, the employees who work for us, and the work we do. Artisan Electric has promoted renewable energy in the Pacific Northwest since 2007 and we’ve installed solar panels on more than 650 homes and businesses in Washington State. We choose to do this work because we care about the environment and our community, while valuing diversity and supporting social justice.

As of today, December 7th, 2016, Artisan Electric has completed our review of the incident in the Wallingford neighborhood. We’ve spoken with numerous witnesses and the Seattle Police Department, and there is no evidence our employee used offensive language or physically assaulted anyone. We have requested to meet with the families of the teenagers, but to date we’ve had no response. Based on a review of all the available evidence, as of 12/06/16, Artisan Electric has cleared our employee of misconduct and lifted his suspension. If new evidence presents itself, we will reassess our review and decision. However, despite the outcome of our review, Artisan Electric has already taken steps to obtain diversity training with Elmer Dixon from Executive Diversity Services.

Because many readers were introduced to our company through this incident, Artisan Electric wants to be clear about who we are as a company. We choose to employ IBEW Local 46 (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union) electricians because we believe everyone should make a living wage and be treated with dignity in the workplace.  As signatories of IBEW, Artisan has worked with and employed countless minority and female electricians since we were founded in 2007, and we continue to do so.

As part of our pledge to the communities we work in and support, Artisan has continuously partnered with progressive groups and initiatives. In 2014, Artisan Electric designed and built a solar barge used by activists to protest Shell’s giant oil rig, the Polar Pioneer, when it was docked in Elliott Bay. Artisan has participated in three community-wide projects to make solar power more accessible to communities in Seattle. We’ve donated solar photovoltaic systems to BikeWorks, a non-profit in Columbia City, and the Highland Park Improvement Club.

This fall, we have supported the Water Protectors at Standing Rock by twice delivering winter shelter tents to people living there and working to support the indigenous lead movement from the Pacific Northwest. One of our owners is still at Standing Rock. These actions are representative of the values we hold as a company, and will continue to hold moving forward.

Artisan Electric will continue to actively engage with our communities to create positive social and environmental change. We will continue to provide updates on these efforts on Artisan Electric’s blog and Facebook pages.

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