Climate Pledge Arena Solar - A Close Up Look

A 1.2 MW (megawatt) solar installation is officially complete at the new home of Seattle’s Kraken hockey team, the Climate Pledge Arena!

SOLAR PANELS Officially Installed at Climate Pledge Arena!

The Climate Pledge Arena solar PV system consists of solar panels on 3 separate arrays, located on the Alaska Airlines Atrium (225 amp) the First Avenue North parking garage (400 amp) and the Kraken Training Center at Northgate (800 amp). Together with some off-site renewable energy sources, these solar panels produce enough energy to power 100% of the building’s energy use through renewable energy.

The brand new standing seam metal roof of the arena is the perfect surface for a straightforward installation of this size, which allowed the installation team to bolt the rails directly to the roof and attach the panels.

The arrays were designed to be very visible to patrons, to reinforce the commitment to sustainability to be “the most progressive, responsible, and sustainable arena in the world.”

The sustainability goals set by the Climate Pledge Arena are a model standard for entertainment structures all over the world, here’s a close-up look:

1. Carbon Zero Building
Create the first International Living Future Institute certified zero carbon arena in the world. No fossil fuel consumption in the arena for daily use: mechanical systems, gas combustion engines, heating, dehumidification, and cooking – all converted to electric. Solar Panels on the Alaska Airlines Atrium and 1st Ave Garage combined with off-site supplementary renewable energy for 100% renewable energy power. Reducing all carbon emission activities and offsetting others – such as transportation – by purchasing credible carbon offsets.

2. Eliminate Plastic Waste
Committed to being 100% free of single-use plastics by 2024.

3. Water Conservation
Demonstrate leadership in water quality and water use. “Rain to Rink” system will harvest water off the roof, collect it into a 15,000-gallon cistern, and turn it into the greenest ice in the NHL. Waterless urinals and ultra-efficient showers. Significant on-site retention tanks reducing stormwater runoff. Water bottle filling stations throughout the arena.

4. Zero Waste
Simplifying supply chain to target a 97%+ diversion rate, as close to ‘zero waste’ as possible. Educating patrons on recycling and composting amenities through simple infographics, and on-site sorting. Extensive composting of waste and recycling.

Very exciting to see the Climate Pledge Arena setting the world standard for sustainable entertainment building practices, we look forward to seeing others follow suit!

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