Encourage Washington legislators to support solar program before special budget session ends

Late breaking addition Friday, June 12:

HB1912 passed out of committee this morning! Now your reps *statewide* need to hear that this bill will keep solar momentum going for jobs, the economy, and the environment—and it matters to you.

Starting now, our contact is NOT limited to the three districts originally cited below. At this point, it’s “open season”—our reps statewide need to hear that funding this win-win new incentive program will support the growth of solar in Washington, greatly benefiting the economy and the environment!

IT’S QUICK AND EASY! Use this handy link to find your rep: http://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/
Follow the instructions there to email your rep. In the subject and body, you can still use (or base your email on) the sample letter below, and on the background below. THANKS!

Customers and solar supporters, here’s a chance to help keep the momentum going with the excellent solar growth we’ve had in Washington in recent years—and make solar even more attractive and cost-efficient for years to come.

As you probably know, the Washington State Legislature is currently in a special session working on the state’s upcoming budget, which has implications for the future of solar in our state.

A proposed new solar incentive program would maintain incentives for current customers and offer new customers an attractive return on investment as well—and do it at an overall reduced program cost. This win-win program would help maintain and increase the tremendous economic growth and environmental benefit of solar in our state. Needless to say, we’d really like to see it passed!

Would you take a moment to call/write your legislators in the 36th, 45th, and 48th leg. districts? Encourage them to support the new solar incentive program that we hope will be included the new budget. Let them know that solar supports our state’s economy, creates jobs, and generates clean power. Let them know that increased support for solar energy is a priority to you as a constituent!

To make this super quick, we’ve included a handy pre-written letter below, along with the contact information for these legislators.  If you prefer calling to writing, just make the above points (or those in the letter). THANKS!

Oh, and if you do call or write, we’d love to hear about it: join us on Facebook or Twitter  @ArtisanElectInc to post your comments/experience!


Senator Andy Hill
45th district
East King County
(Redmond, Sammamish, Woodinville, Kirkland, Duvall)

Rep. Ross Hunter
48th district
Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland
(360) 786-7936

Rep. Reuven Carlyle
36th district
(Ballard, Magnolia, Queen Anne-Seattle)
(360) 786-7814


Dear (Senator, Representative)

In 2005, our legislators created a unique incentive program to spur the development of solar energy industries here in Washington. The popularity of the resulting production credit has made this program a tremendous success, especially in the last five years. The program has created and supported many hundreds of jobs, both during and since the recession.

For every dollar that is spent on the current program, two-and-a-half dollars are injected into the economy—and clean power is generated that does not rely on fossil fuels.

As the legislature works on the next budget, a group of solar stakeholders has been crafting a new program to replace the current one (whose pending expiration in five years could slow solar growth).

The new program will continue to spur the solar industry with incentives—at a lower overall program cost. It also expands participation limits, so that we don’t hit caps prematurely. Everyone wins! Current customers won’t see a reduction in their incentive checks, and new solar customers get appealing return on investment, too.

Let’s not lose the economic development and environmental gains we’ve made. As one of your constituents who has “gone solar,” I ask for your continued support of solar in Washington!

Please support this new solar program that will continue to offer production incentives at an even more efficient cost.


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