Our Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Together we have the power to make the most out of a negative situation by supporting our community and coming together to try and prepare for the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are some of the steps Artisan is taking to help flatten the curve and reduce the possible spread of infection to protect both our customers and staff. As most small businesses do, we rely on a steady stream of income to keep our business thriving and our 35 staff employed. If you’re considering solar, this is a great time to go ahead and get the most out of your summer production months. 90% of solar production in Western Washington will occur between April-September, there is still time to get hooked up.

Remote Site Surveys

Our team can conduct site surveys entirely remotely using roof mapping technology. Our solar experts can email your proposal and meet with you via phone or video call to walk you through the proposal and answer all your questions.

Non-Contact Installation

Our solar crews usually do not need to enter your home to perform a solar installation. All attachments are made from outside the structure. A port-a-potty will be supplied for crew use so that no one will request to enter your home. The only time a crew member may need to enter would be if changes need to be made to your electrical panel and it is only accessible indoors. In this case our crew will take every sanitation protocol necessary to ensure hygiene safety.

Mandatory Illness Screening

All staff have been directed to stay home if sick. Because we are a union shop, paid sick time is available to them. All crew are screened daily for illness by their crew lead and sent home if any sign of illness is present. Our sales team is also screening potential solar customers who request in-person site surveys to ensure they are not exposing themselves to possible illness.

Essential Staff

All office staff who have the ability to work remotely are being requested to do so. Only staff who deal directly with materials are working in the shop.

Preparing for Supply Shortages

As we have mentioned, we are preparing for supply shortages resulting from stoppages in production of components required for manufacturing solar panels. At this time, we are making sure we have the materials required to supply as much demand as possible.

Supporting our Community

As a small business we know how important community is – especially in an emergency situation. That’s why we are donating $150 from every solar system purchased to Food Lifeline, a non-profit organization that collects donated food from restaurants and grocery stores which would otherwise go to waste and distributes it to more than 300 food banks, shelters, and meal programs throughout Western Washington, providing the equivalent of 134,000 meals every day for hungry children, adults, and seniors.

Stay safe everybody!

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