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Solar EV charging is more than possible; solar energy and electric vehicles are a perfect match! You can use solar technology to not only power your home but also charge your car for emissions-free transportation. The cost of solar energy is getting more affordable all the time, and companies increasingly are making electric cars for daily use.

How many solar panels it takes to charge an electric car depends on where you live. Six to eight 300-watt solar panels typically can produce enough electricity to drive your electric car over 1,000 miles per month.

Solar EV Charging Station Options

What are my solar installation options for my electric car?

  • Install additional solar panels and a larger, direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) inverter that can take more power
  • Consider installing additional solar panels, each with its own microinverter
  • A dedicated solar system – If you have enough space on your roof or property, you can add a second solar system. This is less expensive than paying for gasoline or using electricity supplied by your utility company, over the 25-year life of your solar system.

Going Solar And Charging An Electric Vehicle

Solar technology is rapidly advancing as a renewable energy option. It is now possible to install a solar system to charge your car and power your home. Contact the solar EV charging station experts at Artisan Electric today to get the solar system that best fits your budget and lifestyle.

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Last Modified: December 20, 2018

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