Solar Installation Summary

Thank you for going solar! At Artisan Electric, our goal is to provide you with the best customer service and a lasting positive impression. With that goal in mind, the following are some things you should be aware of during your solar installation:

  • Our team consists of a mechanical crew and a solar crew. The mechanical crew may be scheduled ahead of your solar installation or may overlap it.
  • We use impact tools that are very noisy. Please expect excessive noise on the first two days of your installation and plan accordingly, especially if you have young children or pets.
  • Our workdays are Monday through Thursday, 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.
  • If your job requires a service or panel upgrade, please expect to have your power off for one working day. We will coordinate with you in advance to schedule this power outage.
  • If your system includes whole or partial house battery backup, please expect to have your power off for several hours. We will coordinate with you in advance to schedule this power outage.
  • The duration of your project will depend on the size and complexity of your solar system.

Project Flow

The following section will provide you with an overview of the sequence of installation steps. Some
variation can occur based on the size, complexity, and type of solar system being installed.
→ Pre-Construction Walkthrough
→ Mechanical Installation
→ Solar Installation
→ Final Inspection
→ Final Walkthrough (PV Power Walk)

Installation Flow

Mechanical Installation
→ Install safety equipment.
→ Quick look in attic to measure trusses.
→ Lay out racking system on roof.
→ Build racking system on roof.

Solar Installation
→ Mount electrical equipment.
→ Pull wire, grounding, etc.
→ Install conduit run to roof.
→ Solar modules installed on roof.
→ Complete final electrical connections.
→ Commission and connect monitoring to the internet and test system.

o NOTE: After we build your monitoring site, you will get a registration email from the
manufacturer giving you access to the monitoring portal. Please be on the lookout for
these as sometimes they end up in a spam folder.

Post-Installation Flow
Final Inspection

  • Your final electrical inspection usually occurs within a week of the final day of installation,
    depending on the inspector’s availability. The solar project manager will coordinate this with

o NOTE: Due to COVID-19 delays, the electrical inspector’s availability is limited, so it may
take longer than usual to schedule the inspection.

Once the electrical inspection passes and your monitoring is reporting properly, we will send
you the final invoice. Please contact April Propp with any questions you have regarding billing.

  • Phone: (206) 557-4215
  • Email:

Meter Installation

  • PSE CUSTOMERS ONLY: PSE does not allow the system to be turned on before their inspection,
    so there will be a period of non-production for those customers. After passing inspection, it
    generally takes about 5 – 10 business days for the meter to be set up and the meter installation
    process to be completed.
  • SCL CUSTOMERS ONLY: SCL allows us to leave the system on and producing power after
    installation. After passing inspection, it generally takes about 5 – 10 business days for the meter
    to be set up and the meter installation process to be completed.
  • ALL OTHER UTILITIES: Contact project manager Alisha Turpin for further information.
    o Phone: (206) 518-8761
    o Email:
  • Utility companies do not consistently notify us of meter installations, so please let us know
    when the utility has installed your new meter. (We’d rather hear from you anyway!) Please
    contact project management admin Fox Cooper with updates or questions regarding your
    o Phone: (206) 552-3640
    o Email:
  • Once your meter is installed and your system is up and running, we will schedule a final
    walkthrough of your system (the PV Power Walk) with your solar consultant.

Final Walkthrough (PV Power Walk)
At the final walkthrough with your solar consultant, Artisan will:

  • Walk you through your system and monitoring.
  • Collect payment if there is an outstanding balance.
  • Collect feedback from you about the process of going solar with Artisan.
  • Provide a USB drive with digital copies of the following installation and system documentation:
    o A personalized Solar Owner Welcome Guide.
    o Receipts of payments made to Artisan.
    o An example tax credit form.
    o The solar proposal created by your consultant and your contract with Artisan.
    o The interconnection agreement with your utility.
    o Permits, renderings, and the one-line (electrical) diagram of your solar system.
    o Data sheets, warranties, and manuals for the equipment used in your system
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