Solar Project Customer Testimonial: 9.61kW Silfab System for Jeff in Puyallup
We recently completed a 9.61kW Silfab solar installation project for a happy customer Jeff in Puyallup, here’s what he had to say about going solar with Artisan:

Conservation and renewable resources have been important to me for quite a while.  Putting a solar array on our house through Artisan Electric this summer was the cherry on top for some other things we’ve done over the last few years.

In 2005 I converted a 2001 diesel Excursion to run on used vegetable oil.  I filtered used restaurant cooking oil for that rig for 10 years before selling it.  The current owners still run it on WVO (waste vegetable oil).  In 2015, I purchased my first EV;  a 2013 Nissan Leaf.  I sold the Leaf this year and bought a 2019 Chevrolet Bolt.

After doing research (and kicking myself for not having installed a system years ago) I chose Artisan Electric to install my system.
We now have a beautiful 31 Silfab made in Washington solar panel system that sits atop our west facing home in downtown Puyallup.  Charging our EV in the middle of the day while the sun beats down on our panels is awesome!!!!


System Product Info:

Solar Panels 31 Silfab 310 Watt Mono Black – Made in Washington
Inverter 1 SolarEdge 10000 HD
Power Optimizers 31 SolarEdge P320 Optimizers
Monitoring Solaredge Electricity Monitor
Racking SnapNRack (all black)

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