Myth: My Homeowners Association will Never Allow Solar

We hear this concern a lot. Either homeowners are worried about what their HOA might or might not allow, or they’re convinced that solar is completely off the table.

But we have some good news: Washington State Legislature does not allow HOAs to prohibit solar installations- providing the installations meet certain requirements. Click here to read the entire Revised Code of Washington 64.38.060. And to read more about the legislature as a case study, go here. 

Let’s break this down:

What the HOA cannot do

Prohibit a solar installation if

  • it meets health and safety standards,
  • is certified to heat water (if applicable), and
  • is built to code if producing electricity.

What the HOA can do

Limit a roof-mounted solar installation if

  • it exceeds the roofline and
  • does not conform to the slope of the roof (no ugly installs).

Require that

  • mounting frames and brackets be painted to match the roof,
  • ground mounts be shielded if it doesn’t interfere with efficiency,
  • owners of the system to reimburse neighbors and/or HOA if their installation somehow causes harm or damage to others.

Every Artisan Electric installation is built to code, passes all necessary certifications, and is designed with the highest standards of safety and aesthetics. You can learn more about our unparalleled standards here.

Even though the HOA cannot legally prohibit properly installed solar, we still want you to be on good terms with your Homeowners Association.

Artisan Electric is happy to meet with your HOA board and offer a presentation of the benefits of solar and its positive impact on home value, community, and more. We will also keep communication with you HOA at every step if necessary. We often see that once the first system is installed in a neighborhood, others follow.

Give us a call if you’d like to know more about how we can work with your Homeowners Association.

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