Study Finds Solar Incentives Good State Investment
Solar Incentives

Solar PV Installation on the WWU Campus

Western Washington University just released a study that shows POSITIVE ECONOMIC IMPACT FOR WASHINGTON STATE if SOLAR INCENTIVES PROPOSED IN HB 2346 become law this year. Solar Incentives are very beneficial to WASHINGTON state’S ECONOMY. Here is the executive summary:

“This study assesses the economic impact for the State of Washington of the solar energy incentive program introduced in House Bill 2346. A survey was undertaken to define the relationship between each kilowatt of solar installed in the state over the past three years and labor and economic activity involved in manufacturing and installing it. These metrics were combined with the incentive rates and program details of the proposed incentive program to determine the economic impact of each incentive dollar spent. The study finds that each incentive dollar leads to $6.82 in payroll in the state and $15.84 in purchases from local installers, manufacturers, and suppliers.”

HB 2346 is not only good for the environment—it pumps a lot of money into the Washington State economy.

Here is the full WWU study:

Economic Impact Study of HB 2346 for WA State: Final Report


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