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2023 is the final year to lock in net metering with PSE

Listen up, friends! The clock is ticking for you to grab the best solar incentive out there – net metering. 2023 is the final year to lock in this sweet deal with PSE. Imagine your solar panels pumping out more power than your house can even use. With net metering, your extra energy zips back into the grid, spinning your meter backward, and maintaining a 1:1 energy rate. It’s like a solar-powered piggy bank! But next year, PSE will reach its net metering cap, and other utilities are coming close. What will happen to net metering? No one knows for sure but utility companies are taking steps to maximize their profits – even at the expense of their customers. So what are you waiting for? Make the most of net metering and secure it for the lifetime of your solar system!

Net Metering Infographic

Washington environmentalists and solar contractors fought to expand net metering in the 2023 Olympia legislative session, but the solar coalition was ultimately outgunned by utility lobbyists advocating against customer-owned power and for a more centralized, utility-controlled grid. The solar industry will be back next year to protect net metering, this time with the full force of solar advocates demanding more customer-owned solar and a decentralized grid.

Net metering is facing a fierce battle unfolding across the United States, with everyday people aiming to harness the power of clean, renewable energy, and on the opposite side, profit-hungry utilities trying to maintain their monopoly on electricity production. The stage is set for an intense clash over America’s energy destiny.

Distributed-solar projects, such as rooftop and community solar installations, empower households to independently generate their own electricity. As more people benefit from these eco-friendly solutions, the business model of major electricity providers is under siege, forcing them to scheme with regulators and legislators to undermine this solar surge.

Ground zero in this war is California, where the elimination of net metering spells a victory for utility companies, proving that this struggle over our future is fierce and only just beginning. Similar battles are now taking place in Florida, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Washington State. Hold on to your hats, America, the Energy Wars have arrived!

Already have solar panels? Want to know how you can make a difference and keep net metering accessible for all? You can start by giving PSE your feedback!

Why Net Metering Is Good For People and the Planet – And Why Monopoly Utilities Want to Kill it

A new eye-opening report by the Center for Biological Diversity unveils the hidden agenda behind anti-net-metering arguments. Rooted in an archaic grid system, profit-hungry utilities are eager to slash net metering in a scheme to preserve their dominance and exploit proceeds for skyrocketing expenses – including tackling climate disasters and wasted investments in fossil fuel infrastructure. Read the full report here.

How Utility Companies Make Money

Imagine this: in a world where electricity is often seen as a government-provided perk, less than 25% of the US power is actually controlled by “public power” sources, owned by local communities and city governments! Most of these utilities are privately owned by mega-corporations that hold state-approved monopolies, giving them exclusive control over a specific region.

As the demand for centralized utility power continues to grow, these big corporations keep building, expanding, and raking in profits. But they’re starting to sweat, as the rise of self-generated, environmentally responsible electricity like rooftop solar starts to steal the spotlight. Why? It’s simple – fewer people needing their electricity means fewer chances for these giant utility players to build, and ultimately, to profit. So, the push is on for them to keep their customers hooked and investors happily pocketing big returns from new developments.

How Rooftop Solar Saves Customers Money Overall

Welcome to the bright future of distributed-solar energy! The solar revolution not only helps your wallet but also contributes to a greener planet. Just imagine your utility bills dropping while you use solar power for your daily needs. Plus, with net metering, you’ll get back any energy you haven’t used – nothing goes to waste!

But that’s not all. The self-generated electricity from solar power also cuts corners for related utility costs. As we replace those gas-guzzling engines with electric cars and move our homes towards all-electric, the demand for electricity will soar. More decentralized solar will decrease the need for new transmission lines and power infrastructure, thus saving all customers money.

Combined with battery storage or microgrids, decentralized solar is the key to building a strong and dependable energy system. Just imagine – no more worries about losing air conditioning during heat waves or warmth in the winter due to power outages. Keep crucial medical equipment running and medications chilled even when the grid is down.

Our vulnerable communities – people of color, the elderly, the disabled, and low-income residents – deserve this security. As climate change intensifies extreme weather, we can expect widespread outages to become more common. But fear not, for distributed energy is here to light the way, ensuring essential power, even in the darkest of times.

Imagine a world where clean energy not only protects our environment but also empowers communities and generates incredible job opportunities. Instead of building colossal renewable energy projects in far-off locations, let’s focus on harnessing the power of distributed solar systems to bring amazing benefits to local communities. By prioritizing this approach, we can safeguard our precious biodiversity, reduce the need for transmission infrastructure, and revitalize neighborhoods hit hardest by climate change. Together, we can build a brighter, equitable, and sustainable future – and it all starts with embracing the potential of distributed solar and net metering. So, join the movement today, and let’s create the change we want to see!

Go on, join the solar revolution! Go solar, contact Artisan Electric Inc. and take advantage of net metering today!

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