The Truth About Free Solar: Debunking Solar Installation Myths

If you’re considering solar installation for your home, you’ve probably seen ads for “free solar” or “no-cost solar”. These ads sound great, but are they really true? Let’s debunk some of the most common myths surrounding solar installation. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions for your home’s energy needs and budget.

Claim number one: Solar installation is free or costs nothing

This is simply not true. Just like any other business, solar installers need to pay their employees, buy materials, and keep the lights on. However, there are real incentives that can help you cover the costs of solar installation. With the 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and net metering, you can save money on your energy bills and recoup your investment over time.

Claim number two: Time is running out – the Solar ITC is expiring

This is not true. The current incentive of 30% is locked in until 2032. While there may be changes to the incentives in the future, you can rest assured that the 30% ITC will be available for several years to come.

Claim number three: Certain zip codes qualify for certain incentives and others don’t

This is also not true. All zip codes in Washington state qualify for the same existing incentives. This means that no matter where you live in the state, you can take advantage of the same solar incentives.

Claim number four: Your new roof can be covered by the existing 30% tax credit

Unfortunately, this is not true either. While it’s true that you can claim the 30% ITC on the cost of solar panels and certain solar tiles may qualify, the tax credit does not cover the cost of the roof itself.

Claim number five: You can get paid to go solar

This is simply not happening. While there are incentives that can help you save money, the truth is that you won’t get paid to go solar.

The truth is…

The truth is that there are no free solar installations. However, with the help of incentives like the 30% ITC, sales tax exemption and net metering, solar installation is still be a smart choice for your home. Instead of getting lured in by national ads for free solar, we recommend going local. Our skilled solar professionals can give your home an honest and accurate solar evaluation so that you can make the best choice for your budget and your energy needs. Don’t let myths about free solar installation hold you back from going solar – let us help you navigate the process and start saving on your energy bills today.

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