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Many American families have a difficult time paying their electricity bills. Heating is one of the major ways these bills are elevated. Solar heating systems are a modern and ecological way to reduce your electricity bills. Solar power Seattle is what residents need in order to reduce paying high bills. Solar heating systems help create solar energy that can be saved and used for a variety of purposes. This is an ancient concept. It was used by the Greeks in sunrooms. There are two types of solar heating systems. Active and passive solar heating systems. 

Passive & Active Solar Heating Systems

Passive solar heating is a method that uses energy that is abundant and available which will help warm your home during the winter. It involves building your home in an effective way to capture the solar heating. This can be done by building your rooms with windows that are large enough to capture the energy of the sun. The type of floor material you choose is also important when storing heat, such as concrete floors. You can also apply thick exterior walls to keep in the heat. During cold weather, it is important to have proper window protection. Energy-efficient windows are also a key factor to maintain heat. By incorporating this method from the beginning, you can significantly reduce your electric bill. It is recommended to include these types of designs before building your home or commercial building.

Active solar heating systems require device interventions. These devices can be pumps, storage tanks, and collectors. These improve heat circulation throughout the house. The collector is made up of panels that collect solar energy directly from the sun. Then the air or water which is located in a pipe will get warmed up with the heat. Then this heat will be placed inside with a pump or it will be stored to be used later on. This type of heating can be applied in a new or pre-owned home.

Different Ways to Implement Solar Heating Systems in your Home

There are two types of active solar heating. They are solar air space heating and solar water heating systems.  Solar air space heating will heat your room directly. Cold air enters and warm air exits. Solar water heating systems take in the radiation of the sun and transform it into heat. 

Differences Between Active and Passive Heating

  • Active solar heating requires devices that you need to buy to help heat circulate in your home. 
  • Passive systems require less investment.
  • Active solar systems require professional assistance due to the complexity of their installations.
  • Passive systems are recommended for new facilities.
  • Active systems can be implemented in any type of buildings. 

Solar Heating Systems can effectively provide heat to your air and water. They make a positive impact on the planet and save you lots of money.

Solar Energy Systems

Of course, the best option for reducing your electricity bill is to choose solar energy production for your home, which can provide power for any type of electrical heating/cooling system you select. For more information about the benefits and installation of solar energy systems, visit one of the Top Solar Installers in Seattle, https://artisanelectricinc.com/, and find out all you need to know about how to implement a complete solar energy system into your home, business, or commercial building.  

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