Guest Post: Why I'm Voting Yes On I-1631 (yeson1631)

The weather this week gives us a visceral glimpse of an unpleasant future.

It is a good time to let you know why I am supporting I-1631 Carbon Fee Initiative — in campaigning, financially, and with my vote in November.

I believe that I-1631 is the most important action in Washington State that we can take for clean air, clean energy, forest health and clean water. I have never felt so strongly about the importance of a legislative and policy action in my lifetime. Perhaps that is because my grandchildren are 3 and 5 years old, and their future is more at stake than ever. I-1631 would put a fee on those economic interests that produce the greatest pollution. I will invest the money collected in protecting our air and water, and new clean energy infrastructure across the state. It will provide for practical investments to:

  • Expand clean energy,
  • Ensure clean air and clean water for everyone in Washington,
  • Protect our most vulnerable communities through investment, and
  • Create a state model to address climate change more broadly.

How I-1631 (yeson1631) Will Be Attacked After Labor Day

Very simply, national oil interests will begin spending millions on media to defeat I-1631. In other words, these interests are scared! The diverse coalition supporting I-1631 has organized a great ground game and designed the media messages to counter the big oil media onslaught. With your vote, and if you can, your dollars, you are crucial to our ultimate victory.

Will you join me and support I-1631 this November? Please act now. Just telling friends and acquaintances you support the initiative is a great contribution.

If you wish to contribute money or time or both, please contact the I-1631 campaign at: or 206-535-6617.

And vote “Yes!” in November, yeson1631.

Martin Baker

Artisan Electric 2014 Solar Customer

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