October Sale: Silfab Premium PV Solar Panel System - Seattle, WA

All month long, Artisan Electric is offering some of the best solar power deals of the year. Check out our October special pricing discounts on Silfab Solar panels.

Silfab makes some of the highest quality and most reliable premium PV solar panel systems in North America. Now, they have doubled their warranties! Silfab’s industry-leading warranty now covers 25 years of workmanship with a 30 year output guarantee. Silfab Solar has one of the most comprehensive – and easiest – warranties in the PV module industry. Silfab solar panels are locally made in the Itek Energy factory in Bellingham, Washington, USA.


“It really is the support of the local incentives that have made this possible…It really has led to Washington becoming the leading exporter of solar in the country.” said Karl Unterschuetz, Itek’s director of business development.

“Since our founding, Silfab has remained dedicated to producing premium PV solar modules that outlast and outperform competitors. We started this commitment (35) years ago, and we continue to reach this goal by investing in automation and working with best-in-class technology and other global partners,” said Paolo Maccario, COO and General Manager of Silfab.

Silfab Solar


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Silfab Solar's warranty includes domestic production, more power and superior quality

If you’re wondering how solar panels keep producing power even while days get shorter in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), you’re not alone! Check out how solar panels continue to operate during our darker fall days.


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